Approaching Practicing (We’re Back, Sort Of*)

“Practice makes perfect” Well, no it doesn’t. It’ll make you better, but you’ll never be perfect. That’s not to say that practicing isn’t important. Just because the concept of perfection is unrealistic, you shouldn’t be discouraged from practicing and improving yourself. Why Do We Practice: While it may seem fruitless to return to concepts that … More Approaching Practicing (We’re Back, Sort Of*)

On The Right Track

Gig 1: 3/4/17 We played the song 10 times, Elmhurst played it around 12. Along with the countless times we played “Shipping Up To Boston” in rehearsal, it’s safe to say that we were sick of the song. I got to the float site at around 9:15; it was just above freezing, and all I’d … More On The Right Track

Full On Energy

Rehearsal 7: 2/27/17: Once again, preparing for our first performance this Saturday, a St. Patrick’s Day Parade. So, when celebrating an alcohol-embracing culture and playing some Irish Pub Rock on a float, it only makes sense that we’d have an incredible amount of energy. Dan made sure to note that since we’re going to be … More Full On Energy

My Library

This post has no lesson. This post is simply an opportunity for me to share what I’m listening to, and why I’m listening to that. My favorite song seems to change by the day, and I often find myself transitioning between genres. Before I joined SoR, my favorite songs were the ones played the most … More My Library