Life Is Like Walking Up A Down Escalator

Rehearsal 10: 3/20/17

Remember when I said that Dan was upset with us for being complacent? Well, that message got across to us. He gave us a half scolding/half pep talk at the start of rehearsal, basically o say that “We’re slacking, but there’s no reason we should be because we have great potential.”

I think that the foreshadowing of this conversation and general discomfort of the last few weeks of rehearsal set us on the right path. We had a practice Sunday, and, as I did more than usual, I’m sure that everybody else spent time on their own to practice.

Rehearsal actually went well. There were a lot of great improvements from the previous weeks. Some of the same problems are still there, but they’re either things that can only be solved with time, or they’ve been improving week by week.

While Dan was relatively satisfied with this week, he threw a few metaphors our way to get us thinking.

  • Us as musicians are like lobsters. (Bear with me) When you’re first born, you’re very small. But as you begin to grow, your shell becomes uncomfortable and crowded. Then, a lobster must shed its exoskeleton so that it may grow. The connection that Dan made was that for us to be able to grow as musicians, we have to be challenged. We have to feel uncomfortable, and make the strides necessary to feel brief comfort, up until it’s time to grow again.
  • The metaphor that resonated more with me was that our dedication as a musician should be like walking up a down escalator. If you don’t work to keep moving, then you’ll go backwards. You have to work hard just to stay where you are, and to make any progress, you have to work even harder than that.

I forgot to record a song this week, was a bit too focused on just having a good rehearsal, but here’s what I’m listening to right now.



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