The Peak Doesn’t Exist

Rehearsal 9: 3/13/17

I definitely did not have my best week of rehearsal. It wasn’t noticeably bad, but I felt like I was struggling to stay in time at some parts, and never really felt locked in as a band. Maybe this isn’t all on me, but I’ve generally had an easier time of staying with it.

I guess Dan had noticed something similar in the rest of us, and he pointed it out. He said that it seemed like we had sort of relaxed right now; that we had stagnated and weren’t putting in the work that we were beforehand. This is absolutely true in my case. I used to be listening to the playlist whenever I had an opportunity and played through it as much as I could. While I obviously couldn’t be expected to do continue this without actually going crazy, I’ve certainly been slacking off. I guess I just felt like I was in a safe spot; I can play through every song and know the form, as well as some of the intricacies that are individual to each song. I felt like I was in a great place, so I haven’t been working as hard.

Last night wasn’t really a wake-up call in that it didn’t worry me, but it got me thinking certainly. There’s no reason to think that where I am as a musician is something that I should be satisfied with because there is so much left to learn; I was doing myself a disservice by not continuing to put the same amount of dedication into my practice as I was for a brief period when houseband was just getting underway. There’s an infinite amount of people* better than me and an infinite amount of resources to learn from, and I feel like I’ve been wasting my time not taking advantage of them and using them as motivation to improve.

*Tony was a senior at Hinsdale Central when I was a freshman; we were both in the drumline. I knew he was good, but didn’t find out that he won the drum-off until last year.

This is applicable beyond music; there will be always be something more to do. We should never be satisfied with getting by, or even with exceeding, because there is always something else that we can do. Whether it be in school, music, sports, or any other hobby, there is no reason to stop working hard. So, it’s back to the habits that I’d developed towards the beginning of the year, of which I’ll go into depth later this week.

Here’s a video, as always.


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