One Down, Many To Go

Rehearsal 8: 3/6/17

Coming off of our first gig, there was no time to waste last night. We created a theoretical setlist for our next gig, April 22; the competitive “not competition” between the other two local housebands. It may seem like it’s far away, but with only six or seven rehearsals between now and then, we don’t have all that much time together to prepare as a group. And, we obviously want to sound the best.

With that being said, this week wasn’t the cleanest, in that we don’t really have that sense of urgency that we do with a gig right around the corner. Nobody really had their cleanest playing, but the good thing is that most of the issues had never been issues beforehand, so it’s likely that these are fixable/one time things.

One thing that was much better than normal this week was our energy. That can maybe be attributed to a sugar high thanks to it being RJ’s birthday and the cupcakes that accompanied him, but I think that we’re starting to have more confidence as a group. The initial fear of “Do we know these parts well enough to impress Dan and not get yelled at?” has worn of, for me at least. I don’t find myself nearly as nervous about going to rehearsal as I did earlier in the year. Right now, we’re all just ironing out details of individual parts in the various songs; arguably the most important part of a song in that it highlights the style of a band by recognizing their nuances that set them apart.

Here’s a video from rehearsal


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