On The Right Track

Gig 1: 3/4/17

We played the song 10 times, Elmhurst played it around 12. Along with the countless times we played “Shipping Up To Boston” in rehearsal, it’s safe to say that we were sick of the song.

I got to the float site at around 9:15; it was just above freezing, and all I’d brought was a sweatshirt because, in the venn diagram of clothes that I own that are warm and clothes that are green, there isn’t much overlap.

So, we froze for about two hours, soundchecked a bunch, and finally got the parade underway at around 12:30. The main worry was that all of our hands would be frozen off by the time we started playing. (Elmhurst played first, we switched about halfway through the parade).

And I was right, my hands were actually numb by the time we climbed on top of the float. I couldn’t feel the drumsticks in my hands, so I was a bit worried I was going to end up tossing one into the crowd on accident.

There were a few other issues. First, we only had one keyboard when we’d been rehearsing this whole time with two of them, but that was easily solvable. Second, the drums were falling all over the place. The kick drum was sliding forwards every time that you hit it, so we had to have somebody digging their heel against the front of the drum to make sure that it wasn’t sliding away from us. Also, I had cymbals and drums falling over me the entire time because the street was bumpy and had potholes. But the best part, was us getting stuck on the train tracks. The float became detached from the truck, and we just kept playing while they figured it out and hoped that a train didn’t come kill us all.

Overall, it was a great way to kick off the year. Everybody had a great time and I could tell that the crowd really enjoyed us, although they were quite intoxicated. Dalbey made a great video of the parade on the new Houseband Youtube channel, where videos of rehearsals and gigs will be posted.


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