Full On Energy

Rehearsal 7: 2/27/17:

Once again, preparing for our first performance this Saturday, a St. Patrick’s Day Parade. So, when celebrating an alcohol-embracing culture and playing some Irish Pub Rock on a float, it only makes sense that we’d have an incredible amount of energy. Dan made sure to note that since we’re going to be moving while playing, the audience is only going to hear us for a good 15-20 seconds, meaning that we should give them something to remember us by. He said that more energy and excitement would make up for any minor mistakes that arise while doing so.

After that, we have our “Houseband Showcase”, which is us and the two other SoRs nearby us. It’s not a competition by name, but it sort of is. Nobody wants to show up and be the worst, but I’ve played with the other schools a few times before and they’re all very supportive of the other schools and happy to be there and be playing music, like us. But, we’re gonna show up ready to play.

There wasn’t much actual critiquing this week, as we were playing the same song practically all night. We have to be ready to play it ~20 times for the parade, so endurance might be an issue. As in, my arms may just cease to work.

Here are some videos.

Over The Hills

My playing debut, Dalbey took some liberties with the camera.

Reelin’ In The Years


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