No Vocalists, No Problem

Rehearsal 6: 2/20/17

I skipped last week, there wasn’t much to write about. Dan, Sean, and Patrick were there to talk about allstars, which, as I mentioned, didn’t go as according to their expectations. I think that we’ve moved past it at this point, and we’ll know better for next year.

This week was mostly about preparing for the first gig, our parade. Where we’re playing one whole song, over and over. It’s kind of at the point where you can’t stand listening to the song, but we’re surely going to play it ten times in a row during rehearsal.

Besides that, we talked about endings of all the songs. If a song goes great but ends awkwardly, the audience is only going to remember the ending. Also, it gives us a chance to be a bit more creative, because so many classic rock songs just fade out, for whatever reason. It sounds like a cop out strategy, so we’ve been making bigger endings.

The past few weeks have just been the same old thing. It was exciting this week because all three of our vocalists were gone for President’s Day Weekend, so some other people had to step up to the mic, including RJ in the video.


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