Losing Our Legs and Moving Our Arms

Rehearsal 4: 2/6/17

With some sort of winter sickness spreading, it seemed that some of us were feeling a little under the weather. It’s great to see us as a group transition from being tired before rehearsal to full of energy during it.

The main mission for this week was rehearsing Shipping Up To Boston in preparation for our first gig: A St. Patrick’s Day parade. Me, along with several others, completely forgot that we were supposed to learn this song. As a result, I spent two hours before the rehearsal listening to it and coming up with a simplified version that would get by in rehearsal.

Somehow it worked out well. Maybe not at first, but after the actual tenth time playing through it, it sounded like the recording. Also, my hands were killing me.

The second half of rehearsal was dedicated to our regular setlist, and Sean was full of words of wisdom for our singers. He wanted them to make themselves seem bigger than they were, to add to the feeling of the song. He brought up the greats, like Freddie Mercury and Led Zeppelin and how their stage presence affected the overall feeling of the song.

Next up for us is allstars auditions, this saturday. I only picked my song last friday. Wish me luck.

Here’s a video from last night.


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