Don’t Be A Diet Coke

Rehearsal 3: 1/30/17

It’s nice to see steady progress all across the board. That’s not to say that things are near where they should be; there’s lots of work to be done. But we’re headed in the right direction.

This week was all about making these individual songs sound like themselves. Now that the building blocks of songs had come together, it was important to focus on what makes this song sound unique; what does the band do in the recording that we aren’t doing?

The way that Dan put it was by telling us, “Don’t be a Diet Coke.” In other words, don’t get on stage and play through a song without making it stand out, or else, what’s the point of playing? The important thing to understand was that these bands all had a unique style that made them notable during their time, and we were to honor that by making stylistic adjustments to mimic them.

One specific example from yesterday was during David Bowie’s Modern Love. As an iconic dance song, it felt stiff and not as upbeat as the recording. (I’m partially guilty for this) We talked about the recording has a question and answer feeling, in that the first part of each measure was louder and more punchy, and the second half being more reserved. This is something that I’ve been trying to improve as I learn all of these songs; focusing on how I’m playing more than focusing on what I’m playing.

In other news, a few of us in houseband came in today during a Rock 101 rehearsal, (Rock 101 is for younger students, usually 7-9 years old who are just being exposed to music and learning instruments) and played a song for them. I was happy to do it, since I felt like those little kids when I first started playing. They thought we were great, so, at least we have some fans.

Also, allstars auditons are coming up. Allstars is a national program that takes the best of the best and allows them to tour and play at the larger festivals and act like a real rock band. To get in you have to get through three strict audition rounds, so my hopes aren’t set very high. In fact, I’ve just now picked a song to audition with, while others have been practicing for months. I’m not really trying to get in, but the audition experience is useful and I want to at least try to impress them.

Here’s a video from this week. (Props to Liv battling through being sick.)


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