The Curse Of The B-List

Rehearsal 2: 1/23/17

The overall atmosphere of this week was much more positive than the previous one. Patrick (regional manager) wasn’t there to pick us apart, for starters. Plus, we’d all had a week to relax for at least a short time. Time is actually very important when learning music. I’ve found myself countless times struggling to play something, leaving it alone, and then, when I come back to it, having a much easier time. Allowing time for a song to sit in my mind and become familiar has always been helpful when dissecting a difficult part.

I also spent much of my time this week breaking down the songs in parts, counting measures and allowing myself a bit more confidence when it comes to transitions. In hindsight, I should’ve started with this instead of just mindlessly listening to them, but better late than never, I suppose.

So, going back into rehearsal this week, I carried with me some newfound confidence. In my mind this meant I was sure to mess up, just because I had told myself that I was confident.

Things started out well enough.

But B-List exists.

B-List serves as a glorified understudy list. It’s a full cast-list and is supposed to be considered relatively equal to the main list. But everyone considers it as less important.

So, Dan surprised us last night. Instead of the “probably one song from B-list”, we played five or six. There was a stark difference in the main list and the B-list in terms of quality, and it isn’t really anyone’s fault. We just haven’t had the time put into these songs as we have with main list songs. It hasn’t had the time to sit in our minds and develop.

At the end of the day, we were satisfied. Obviously, some things went poorly. But there’s this overriding sense of “it’ll get there.”

Here are some videos from rehearsal: This is only the first or second times that we’ve played through these as a group

Don’t Stop Me Now

Reelin’ In The Years


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